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Joined COP26 Commitment to Achieve Net-zero MICE

TAITRA is committed to achieving green and sustainable goals. The Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), and the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centers (TaiNEX 1 and 2) operated by TAITRA all responded to the Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative and have signed the pledge with UFI, AIPC and ICC.

All of TAITRA’s exhibition halls were awarded the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp of Approval since April 2021, in addition to achieving ISO 14064-1 Carbon Footprint Verification, ISO 50001 Energy Management System, and ISO 20121 Event sustainability management systems. TaiNEX 1 is also the first exhibition hall to be awarded the "Green Building Label - Golden Level” in Taiwan, equipped with LED motion sensor lights and recycled rainwater facilities. Leading as an example of green and sustainable venues in Taiwan.


TAITRA’s internal operations for sustainable practices

TAITRA’s paper consumption was reduced up to 46.11% in 2021. Other successfully promoted internal practices included green procurement and sustainable consumption as well as categorized plastic waste. 


Trending carbon reduction insights for the business expansion and image of Taiwanese enterprises

TAITRA has guided Taiwanese enterprises in the net-zero transition with the following actions.

  • Maintained the “Taiwan Greening Your Life” website
  • Published research and analyses for strategies for reducing carbon footprints
  • Focused on digital marketing via social media
  • Connected with Taiwanese enterprises by sharing the latest carbon-reducing information
  • Held the “Net-zero carbon emissions” online seminar and meetings
  • Shared insights in technology and the effectiveness of carbon reduction

In addition, to advance the competitiveness and business image of Taiwanese enterprises, TAITRA held the following activities and provided services.

  • Taiwan Excellence Award
  • Called for action: Business image linked with carbon efficiency
  • Consulting services: Carbon footprint, related certifications, and other customized counseling

Furthermore, to seize business opportunities in the global green industry, TAITRA invited Taiwanese enterprises to present their green products at international trade shows and also published the “Taiwan CleanTech Landscape”.

Providing a Muslim-friendly environment

As the global Muslim population exceeds 1.9 billion, countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Korea all welcome Muslim customers with open arms. Taiwan also strives to build an image of "Salam Taiwan" as a Muslim-friendly tourist destination and has ranked the second most attractive non-OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) destination for Muslim travelers in the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) in 2021, which successfully raised the interest of international Muslim travelers.

In order to create a Muslim-friendly environment, the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), and the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centers (TaiNEX 1 and 2) are all equipped with Muslim Prayer Rooms, providing an undisturbed space for prayers.




  • The “ESG Ideas Wanted” activity at TAITRA’s Workplace webpages: This was to encourage all departments and employees to brainstorm ESG ideas and to show creativity.
  • The online “Sharing ESG practices in life” activity and the competition of practices with the most Likes: This was to start a trend of putting ESG into practice.
  • The “Best practices of integrating ESG in the workplace”, a competition among all departments in Taiwan: Impressive results included the following.
    • TAITRA’s flea market
    • Recycling for used face masks
    • The TWTC’s handkerchief fashion show


In 2021, TAITRA held charity events and provided local support, such as the following.

  • Activities for a blood drive which achieved 326 units of donated blood
  • Collaborated with Taiwan’s Tabitha Association for charity activities.
  • The maintenance of PC07, the government-owned pedestrian tunnel connecting the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center and the metro station.
  • Free booth rental at the “Taiwan New Year Market Fair”
  • Assisted Taiwan’s enterprises in processing applications for financial subsidies provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Called for action: Purchase Taiwanese pineapples, Support Taiwanese farmers

Voice of Taiwan’s industries: Net-zero carbon emissions

In July 2021, on behalf of Taiwan’s industries and with the consent of its Board of Directors, TAITRA called out to the government that our country should advocate net-zero emissions. In addition, TAITRA urged Taiwan’s public service associations to work with our government and to take action for the policies of net-zero carbon emissions. 

TAITRA has aimed to promote Taiwan’s international trade. Now it also pays attention to the changing international conditions of carbon neutrality and sustainability. In the future, TAITRA is going to assist Taiwan’s enterprises to advance transformation in reducing carbon emissions and in overcoming the challenges of change.


TAITRA ESG Committee

TAITRA formed the TAITRA ESG committee on October 8th, 2021. The committee serves the following functions.

  • Environment & sustainability
  • Innovation & added values
  • Social inclusion
  • Corporate governance

With the support of the committee, TAITRA is able to integrate ESG into its development strategies, including low-carbon emission practices, the green MICE industry, annual charity events, and corporate governance. The committee also guides Taiwan’s enterprises in the net-zero transition with the following actions.

  • Holding business matchmaking events for Taiwan’s green products
  • Measuring corporate sustainability effectiveness
  • Promoting sustainability certification for businesses
  • Promoting the green procurement and sustainable consumption
  • Connecting Taiwanese businesses’ images and competitiveness with ESG