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TAITRA Responds to Donation Request for Türkiye Earthquake Relief

TAITRA Responds to Donation Request for Türkiye Earthquake Relief


TAITRA Responds to Donation Request for Türkiye Earthquake Relief

In response to the recent devastating earthquake in Türkiye, Taiwan has demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian relief by dispatching rescue teams to aid those trapped in collapsed buildings and by offering financial support. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has announced that its colleagues have launched a voluntary donation campaign, which has raised US$50,000. The Taiwan Trade Center Istanbul is also closely monitoring the situation and stands ready to offer assistance to those in need.

Türkiye has been a longstanding economic and trade partner of Taiwan. In 1999, when Taiwan was struck by the devastating 921 earthquake, Türkiye's AKUT rescue team was the first international search and rescue team to arrive in Taiwan. Over the years, the two countries have maintained a strong relationship, and during the current crisis the Taiwanese government quickly assessed the resources needed for disaster relief. President Tsai Ing-wen and Vice President Lai Ching-te have also led by example, initiating a donation of one month's salary to assist in disaster relief efforts. These actions have been widely reported in Turkish local media, further enhancing Taiwan's reputation as a generous and caring partner.

As noted by TAITRA Chairman James Huang, Türkiye has suffered one of the deadliest earthquakes of this century, and TAITRA was quick to respond by contacting local organizations through the Taiwan Trade Center Istanbul to offer assistance, and by providing timely updates to support the needs of the two search and rescue teams sent by Taiwan to Türkiye. The office has also assisted in arranging accommodations and transportation for the significant amount of rescue equipment needed by the teams when they evacuated.

All of the funds raised through the donation campaign will be transferred to Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare Disaster Relief Account. One donating employee explained that this earthquake, like the 921 earthquake in Taiwan, struck in the early morning hours, causing many people to be awakened from their sleep and to seek help. Although they cannot offer assistance directly like the rescue teams, the employee hopes that their contribution can make a difference and show solidarity with the Turkish people.

TAITRA has emphasized its commitment to continuing to offer assistance in the future by reaching out to several medical institutions to secure their willingness to provide aid. Additionally, the organization has surveyed a list of Taiwan Excellence awarded products, such as lighting, communication, power generation equipment and medical supplies, and has contacted the Turkish representative office in Taipei to inquire about other necessary supplies. As a trade promotion organization, TAITRA aims to bring together Taiwan's expertise in both software and hardware industries and make a meaningful contribution to humanitarian relief efforts.