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International Trade Institute (ITI)

International Trade Institute (ITI)

E_Internatioal Trade Institute

International Trade Institute (ITI)

The International Trade Institute (ITI) was established to train trade specialists who are well versed in foreign languages and the practices of international trade. ITI offers a range of international business programs that vary in length from six months to one year. ITI also conducts on-the-job training seminars and workshops to help participants increase their knowledge and understanding of international trade, business language, and management principles.


Pre-Job Training


International Business Administration Program (IBAP)


The IBAP offers intensive one-year programs in 2 languages: English and Japanese.
IBAP achievements and successes are numerous. The average score of the English majors on the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is about 870 (out of a top score of 990), which is significantly higher than average score of 613 for Taiwanese graduate students. In addition, the number of Japanese majors who pass the highest level (N1) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is about 65%, as opposed to 27.5% for those who receive their Japanese language training in Japan, and 33% for those who train outside of Japan.

In 2020, about 1,333 different industries participated in the ITI job fair, offering over 3,000 job opportunities. Since the establishment of this program, ITI has trained a total of around 6,000 graduates: 70% of them work in international marketing and have achieved remarkable success.


International Trade Program (ITP)

Providing an even balance of English language and trade courses, this full-time, six-month program is available to those who have, or are pursuing their bachelor’s. The program offers 250 hours of business practice, and 400 hours of Business English.

On-The-Job Training


International Marketing Program

Focusing on international trade and marketing, this part-time program runs for six months. Approximately 40 students undergo a rigorous regimen with 180~200 hours of courses related to trade and marketing.


Short Courses and Distance Learning Program

A large variety of trade-related courses, with durations of 6 to 36 hours, are taught under the auspices of ITI - Taipei. Offered in Chinese, over 20 different special trade topics are covered, including international trade, transit trade, international marketing, trade show marketing, international business negotiations, financial management, letters of credit, brand marketing, and English contract law. In addition to these courses, ITI also offers special language courses, including Spanish, Portuguese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai. A complete fee schedule is available upon request.

ITI also offers its Distance Learning Program and eMaster platform, which helps businesses learn English online. Course subjects include Business Presentations, Business Correspondence, Telephoning, and others, and are offered as extensive Professional Development Courses, or as short Spotlight Courses. Students can build confidence and increase their competitiveness by learning business communication skills through videos, handouts, review exercises, and assignments. 


New Southbound Talent Training Program

In order to develop skills for the New Southbound policy, TAITRA offers two types of training programs: "professional long-term training" and "on-the-job training".

ITI offers a two-year Southeast Asian language program (Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai) and a one-year Vietnamese language program. In these programs, students study a Southeast Asian language, and take courses in business English, marketing and international trade. The two-year trainees will go abroad for language and culture courses in the second year.  After graduation, they could help their companies to expand into the South-East Asian markets.

In addition to these longer programs, TAITRA also provides on-the-job training for those who are interested in the New Southbound markets.  The goal of these courses is to help Taiwan companies develop an understanding of the South-East Asian markets.

ITI Corporate Business Training

To support Taiwan's “Bilingual Nation 2030” policy, and to train employees in six important industries, ITI hosts Corporate Business Training for the Medical Technology, AI, Green Energy, Intelligent Machinery, and Consumer Goods industries. This enhances the industrial talent in Taiwan and improves their communication skills.



MICE Certification and Training Project


In recent years, governments around the world have been paying more and more attention to the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions) industry because of its high potential, value added, and innovative benefits. Its potential for creating employment and business opportunities is a powerful driving force for all related industries.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ITI has been responsible for the MICE Certification and Training Project since 2005. The project includes establishing the Certification System, conducting Professional Training Programs, setting up an HR Data Bank, hosting the MICE Destination Marketing Contest, and publishing online learning material. The MICE Certification and Training Project provided 82 MICE training programs with 3,504 trainees in 2020.     

In 2012, TAITRA created the Certificate in Exhibition Management (CEM) and Certified Meetings Professional (CMP) courses in cooperation with the International Association of Exhibitions and Events and the Events Industry Council. The programs aim to raise the level of professionalism and knowledge of Taiwan’s MICE personnel, in addition to keeping Taiwan current with international MICE trends. In the 9 years since it started, the program has certified 274 CEM and 49 CMP graduates. In 2017, TAITRA created the Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS) program alongside the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence, and has certified 100 CIS graduates. In 2020, TAITRA introduced an advanced Training Program, the Certified in Exhibition Management-Advanced Professional Program (CEM-AP) from the IAEE.


Strategic Business Management Program


In order to cultivate the next generation of Taiwanese entrepreneurs and CEOs, TAITRA and Microsoft Taiwan joined up to organize the Strategic Business Management Program V in October 2020. The aim of this program was to introduce the global and digital economy, along with the latest innovative business models and the future developmental trends of various technologies from a global perspective, to CEOs and senior executives from local enterprises.