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Food Industry

Food Industry

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Food Industry

Taiwan has a population of over 23 million and the per capita income is nearly 30,000 USD. People in Taiwan eat rice as the staple food, but noodles are also very popular. Non-staple food includes vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Located in the tropical and subtropical area, Taiwan has rich agricultural produce, including a variety of grains, vegetables, fruits and seafood. Taiwan offers diverse agricultural products and food products with distinctive features for international market and domestic market.

Food business operations in Taiwan are very innovative and creative. With diversified ingredients, outstanding food processing techniques, innovative spirit and strong awareness of the importance of food safety, food business operators in Taiwan worked hard to develop traceability systems and certification systems to adapt to the ever-changing global food market. They are ready to provide global suppliers with a variety of agricultural products, processed ingredients, semi-finished products and end products at any time. Without a doubt, Taiwan food business operations are the best partners for global buyers in global trade.

At present, there are around 7,369 food factories in Taiwan, employing nearly 150,000 employees. In 2019, the overall output of Taiwan food and beverage manufacturing industry (excluding tobacco) is approx. 2.17 billion USD, accounting for 5.05% of the entire manufacturing industry. Most food manufacturing companies in Taiwan are small and medium enterprises, but most output is generated by big companies. In 2021, Taiwan has 22 listing companies, including Uni-President, Nanchow Group, Ve wong, Lianhwa Foods and HeySong.

In 2021, the export output of Taiwan’s agricultural products was approx. 5.7 billion USD(The total export output in 2020 is 4.5 billion USD.) The main export items are frozen seafood, prepared food, beverages and processed food. These products mainly export to mainland China, the United States, Japan , Hong Kong and Vietnam. 

Source: Food Industry Research and Development Institute, Council of Agriculture

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