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Biomedical Technology

Biomedical Technology

Taiwan’s biomedical technology industry has emerge internationally with vigorous creative energy and superior business strategies and performance. The government also help promote the development of the industry with actively enacting new regulations that reward innovative and integration in the biomedical industry.

During the epidemic, the development of the biotechnology industry has received higher attention and expectations, and Taiwan’s biotechnology industry has continued to emerge internationally. Showing off vigorous creative energy, the industry also demonstrated superior business strategies and performance


In order to promote the development of the biotechnology industry, the government has established a smart medical material project office, and actively made many regulations. Regulations such as the “Regenerative Medicine Development Law”, “Regulations on the Implementation of Regenerative Medicine” and “Regulations on the Administration of Regenerative Medicine Preparations”. These policies actively reward regenerative medicine research by adding special funds. The government also has relevant plans to recruit and train talents, hoping to promote the robust development of the regenerative medicine industry.”