TAITRA fosters regional trade relationship, analyzes regional competitiveness, and dispatches trade missions abroad to interact with other business communities. It is in the forefront of large-scale trade projects, overseas trade fair participation and the promotion of Taiwan as a major source of products and services to the global market.

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Sourcing Service

International Sourcing Center (ISC) Project

TAITRA launched the International Sourcing Center (ISC) project a few years ago to assist foreign firms in selecting appropriate Taiwanese manufacturers to do business with. Since then, the number of successful cases of business cooperation and/or strategic alliance between Taiwanese makers and foreign companies has increased tremendously.

ISC boasts extensive contacts with Taiwan-based corporations and leading industry professionals. Over the years, it has made significant achievements by successfully pairing up foreign buyers with local suppliers. Through ISC, many foreign buyers also have benefited from the strong product development capabilities and professional services of Taiwan.

The ISC service is here to assist you in locating the most suitable business partner and in planning your trade meetings and company/factory visits, all at very efficient and time-saving conditions. For more information, please mail to iscservice@taitra.org.tw.

Procurement Meetings for Foreign Buyers and Taiwanese Suppliers

Taiwan is a leading supplier of technologically advanced products to the global market. It is home to producers of various key products, including electronics, IT components, photovoltaic application products, auto parts, machinery, hardware, and different industrial equipment. In order to assist Taiwanese companies in tapping into the vast overseas market, TAITRA is actively inviting foreign buyers to Taiwan for one-on-one procurement meetings with excellent Taiwanese suppliers. Through such arrangements, Taiwanese enterprises have more opportunity to do business with foreign buyers without the need to spend much on overseas business trips.

Taiwan Machinery Distribution Channel Promotion Project (TMP)

The TMP is designed to encourage and assist foreign machinery agents (machinery sales channels) who operate large-scale showrooms or warehouses in promoting Taiwanese machinery. The purpose of this project is to create more interest for a wide range of Taiwanese products. It also endeavors to attract major overseas machinery agents to Taiwan for procurement, as well as to assists domestic machinery manufacturers in establishing or expanding overseas sales channels.

Customized (Tailor-made) Service

International Market Development (IMD)

The IMD Project caters to specific market development needs of individual companies. TAITRA's overseas personnel assist interested companies by connecting them with prospective customers for possible business undertakings.

Emerging Markets Trade Pioneers Project

This project aims to help Taiwanese businesses recruit sales specialists with experience in emerging markets. Taiwanese companies participating in this project will provide the qualified candidate with short-term intensive product marketing training in Taiwan. With their language skills and understanding of the local market, the trainees will serve as representatives of the Taiwanese employers in their respective domestic markets once they have completed training. This approach aims to solve communication problems between Taiwanese businesses and non-English speaking buyers.

Overseas Market Developing Activities

International Trade Show

TAITRA organizes trade groups to participate in more than 50 international trade exhibitions held overseas annually. Over 1,000 Taiwanese enterprises have had the opportunity to participate in these events.

Taiwan Trade Fair (TTF) in China

TAITRA has been hosting the Taiwan Trade Fair (TTF) in China since 2009. To date this trade promotion event has been held for 35 times in 20 different cities throughout China, attracting a total of 9.46 million visitors and bringing business opportunities amounting to $14 billion.
In order to help Taiwanese suppliers secure a niche in the China market, the fair doubles as an important platform for cross-strait economic and trade exchanges. Today, the TTF is the first choice of Taiwanese suppliers in expanding their market reach in China.

Trade Mission

TAITRA organizes trade missions to visit various cities around the world, such as Middle East, Africa, Japan, South Korea, Latin America, and India to promote the representative industries of Taiwan, which include automobile parts, hardware, flat panel display, sports equipment, and medical equipment. Over 600 Taiwanese companies take part in these trade missions annually, engaging some 12,000 foreign business people in business discussions.

The Other External Trade Service

Overseas Office Rental Service

To assist Taiwanese companies in establishing business ties with partners in the emerging market, TAITRA offers business office and/or table rental service. This service is a project of the BOFT, MOEA found in 16 cities (in 14 countries). It is free of charge for Taiwanese companies looking for an office space less than one week or to rent it at a special rate. It offers tenants market and investment information, as well as other facilities that include Internet connection, telephone, fax and copy equipment. It also assists with hiring of temporary local staff. The service is being offered at present in Osaka, japan; Mexico City, Mexico; Chennai and Mumbai, India; Warsaw, Poland; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Yangon, Myanmar; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Istanbul, Turkey; Kolkota, India; St. Petersburg, Russia; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Cairo, Egypt; Nairobi, Kenya; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Manila, Philippines, etc.

Trade Pioneers

In emerging markets, TAITRA implements the Trade Pioneers Project by sending senior market specialists to cities where TAITRA has not set up a branch office yet and where Taiwanese exporters rarely explore. They help collect business data and visit potential buyers with the aim of establishing a close relationship. The Trade Pioneers Project is instrumental in helping find foreign customers and develop new business opportunities.

Expanding Emerging Market Association and the Expanding China Market Association

In order to help Taiwan suppliers to establish an overseas market through integrated resources, networks and information, TAITRA has formed two new groups: the Expanding Emerging Market Association and the Expanding China Market Association. TAITRA welcomes all suppliers to join and share their experiences.